Road to re:Web


re:Web is a little side-project that enables classic web applications to run on AWS Lambda.

The road that led me there shall henceforth be remembered through a series of blog posts.

This very post will service as table of contents, if you will.

  • Part 1: AWS Billing: A Leap of Faith

  • Part 2: Timeless Services

  • Part 3: Amazon Timestream and the Grafana use-case

  • Part 4: The Epiphany of Lambda Container Image Support

  • Part 5: Lambda Deep Dive: Architecture, Runtime API

  • Part 6: Lambda Deep Dive: Connecting to ALB / API Gateway

  • Part 7: Putting It All Together

  • Part 8: Packaging / Distribution Insane Asylum

This post will be updated as I complete the individual blog posts. Culmination can be expected in about two dozen months. Give or take.

The above list is highly likely to be subject to change.